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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to study column footing drawing for a structure

This construction video offers detailed guidelines on how to check column footing drawing.
Footings stand for structural elements which deliver the loads of column or wall to the elementary soil underneath the structure. Footings are built up to disperse these loads to the soil devoid of surpassing its safe bearing capacity, to resist enormous settlement of the structure to an acceptable limit with the purpose of reducing differential settlement as well as withstanding sliding and overturning.
The settlement is dependent on the depth of the load, nature of soil, and foundation level. If there is differential settlement, the different footings have to be designed in such a manner to settle self-reliantly of each other.

Foundation design comprises of a soil study to set up the most suitable type of foundation and a structural design to find out footing dimensions and necessary amount of reinforcement. As the compressive strength of the soil is normally much weaker as compared to the concrete, the contact area among the soil and the footing is much bigger with regard to that of the columns and walls.

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